Section List:

Name Other Common Names Section Number/Letter
Agudath Israel Anshei S’fard*** Palmerton Avenue Synagogue 112
Anshei Apter Apter L
Anshei Drilitz Dritz, Drilger, Drilitzer 3, P
Anshei Keltz*** Keltzer J, K
Anshei Kiev Kiever H
Anshei New York , Beth Joseph Chabad New Yorker 104
Anshei Shidlov*** Shidlov, Shidlover 103, lines 1 and 4 in section 12
Anshei Slipia Stashover-Slipia, Slipia 6 South, M
Anshei Stashov Stashover-Slipia, Stashover F
Beizetchiner***   O
Beth El Temple Emanu-El 10 North
Beth Emeth   11
Beth Hamidrash*** New/Old McCaul, Beth Tzedec 101, 102
Beth David B’nai Israel Beth Am Beth David 4, 114, 115
Beth Radom Radom, Radomer 109, R
Beth Tzedec Congregation*** Beth Tzedec, New Project 6 North, 7, 10 South, 12, 12A
Canadian Hebrew Benevolent Society CHBS G
Chenstochover Aid Chenstochover B
Chesed Shel Emeth*** Federation, Congress, Jewish Family and Child Services S
Court Ahavas Achem*** Foresters, I.O.F 5, N
Eastern Children of Israel*** Berkeley Street Synagogue 106
Farband Labour Zionist Alliance*** Farband E
First Nariever Narayever Congregation I
Goel Tzedec*** Goel Tzedec Congregation, Beth Tzedec Congregation A
Hebrew Sick Benefit Society*** Chalnicker Congregation 108
Kehillas Jacov*** Kehillas Jacob, Markham Street Synagogue Q
Linitzer Sick Benefit Society   C
Lubliner Society   2-North
Rosh Pina Society*** Roish Pina K (also Anshei Keltz)
Sons of Jacob Society   113, 2-South

Temple Sinai Congregation***

Toronto Hebrew Benevolent Society




1, D

United Jewish Peoples Order UJPO 111
Zion Benevolent Society***   107, 110

***Administration care of The Dawes Road Cemeteries



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